Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letter from Jessica Seinfeld, Baby Buggy Founder and President of the Board

"Our primary goal at Baby Buggy is to ensure that all parents and families in the 5 boroughs of New York City have the means to provide clothing and gear for their infants and young children."


In 2001, shortly after the birth of my daughter, Sascha, having slowly accumulated closets full of used – but very usable – baby clothing and equipment she no long needed, I had a moral dilemma; as the daughter of a social worker, throwing out perfectly good baby gear was unthinkable; and yet there was no easy way to get it to a family who could use it.

Thus, Baby Buggy was born.

That Fall, a small but dedicated team of friends and volunteers joined me in organizing a donation drive – urging family, friends and neighbors to send us their gently used baby equipment and clothing for distribution to families in need throughout New York´s five boroughs. Our outreach was limited and informal, maybe even na├»ve; the response, however, was overwhelming.

Six years and two more children of my own later, Baby Buggy has become a part of our City´s social fabric in a way I could never have imagined. Working with scores of social service partners, Baby Buggy has collected and distributed more than 2 million items of clothing and equipment to New York´s families through domestic violence and homeless shelters, parent programs and court child centers.

I continue to be humbled by the tireless commitment of our staff and volunteers and the generous response to our supporters and partners. Their hard work and dedication has had a profound impact:

  • In partnership with the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, we have delivered over 3,000 safe sleeping places to families in need living in the Harlem, Bedford–Stuyvesant and Bushwick neighborhoods. With the success of the recent Bedtime Bash we will be able to bring the Project Safe Sleep initiative to The Bronx; the poorest urban county in America.
  • Through the Department of Homeless Services´ Homelessness Prevention Program, we had added stability to the lives of over 1700 families struggling to keep their homes by providing donations to ensure they wouldn´t have to choose between paying rent and buying baby gear.
  • In 2006 we began working with the nationally recognized Nurse Family Partnership sites in the five boroughs of NYC. This program pairs nurses with first time mothers living in poverty, to teach them good prenatal care and healthy parenting techniques.

Just as the conditions that lead a family into poverty persist, so does the ongoing need for our services. We never want to turn away a mother, child or family – we shouldn´t have to, because the items they need are all around us. They might be in your child´s room, still unused. Perhaps you are thinking of storing them. Or maybe you´re about to throw them away. Please don´t!

Instead, we ask that you support our important work by making a gift or donating new or gently used baby clothing and gear. Your generosity will directly support families and children who need it desperately.

Go to our donation area if you would like to contribute:

Make a Donation

With your help, we can and will continue to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Thank you,

Jessica Seinfeld
Founder and President of the Board

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