Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seinfeld's Push Baby Buggy

This USA Today article about Baby Buggy appeared in Nov. 2003. An excerpt:

"...Her husband, of course, is Jerry Seinfeld, the city's most famous sneaker addict and car buff. But on this weekday morning, the woman who got Manhattan's most tenacious bachelor to settle down and be a dad would rather talk about the babies she serves with her charity, Baby Buggy. She founded the organization, which provides baby essentials to poor families in the city's five boroughs, after her daughter was born on Nov. 7, 2000.

"I had no concept of how quickly they grow out of the clothing and how expensive it is," says Seinfeld, 32. "I was breast-feeding, so I couldn't leave my house, and I couldn't figure out where all the stuff that she outgrew should go. I talked to Jerry about giving it away, and he thought it was a really smart concept given that we were tripping over things in our apartment."

Her husband, 49, recalls how "Jessica and I were in the car together, driving down the West Side Highway, when she got this simple, great idea."

It was, of course, to start a giveaway service, initially featuring her friends' donated baby wares. Today, Baby Buggy ( works with 60 social services agencies to distribute nearly 100,000 baby products a year..."

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